Bonne Maman Jam

I have a fun fact for all you guys. Last year, before the genocide started in Palestine or maybe it was at the beginning of the genocide, I was in Tesco! Yes I know, shame on me but more shame on Tesco!
Anyway, I was looking at the jams 🍯 and preserves, and a random old lady started talking to me.
She told me she ALWAYS buys Bonne Maman Jam🍯. Obviously I asked her why that was, as there are so many companies who sell jam? 🤷🏽‍♀️
What she told me, made me so happy for her. And made me also buy Bonne Maman jam 🍯 at that time.
She was a survivor of World War II and the family who made the jam, actually broke the law and kept her and her family hidden which stopped them being rounded up and taken to Auschwitz or another concentration camp.
As a result of being grateful, she always buys the jam🍯.
I thought it was a lovely story and I’m glad people like the family existed.
I wouldn’t recognise this woman but I was glad to hear her story. It showed me good people still exist. She respected the Bonne Maman family all these years later. So, if you’re buying jam perhaps try the Bonne Maman jam. I know it’s French and France is also complicit but let’s not blame the family!
It’s just heartbreaking that descendants of Holocaust survivors are actually treating Palestinians worse than how Hitler treated Jews.
The whole Jewish state excuse is pretty redundant though unfortunately, because so many of the Zionist Apartheid Settler Colony don’t even believe in God. Just look at how the orthodox Jews are treated. It’s pure hate and violence for not believing in a political ideology! Fuck Zionism and Izzy!
I would say most of the world HATE Izzy with a passion and their constant need to conflate Judaism and Zionism is causing a rise in antisemitism. Yet, Jewish people march alongside the rest of us. Jewish people who speak up give fantastic speeches. I’ve heard Barnaby Raine and more recently Emily Stevenson and both were fantastic. I’ve also spoken to a number of Jewish people at the protests. The last protest had little bitches on the zio side being protected by the PoPo 🚓🚔👮
Palestine is getting closer and closer to being free and I can’t wait to see it happen.

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