76 Years of Nakba

Yesterday, was the national protest for Palestine. But, it was different to the usual protests. That’s because it’s the 76 year occupation of Palestine. 76 years of stealing land, homes and lives.
I’m sure many of you have seen the live streamed genocide over the last 7 months. We’ve seen it for 8 months, but Palestinians have suffered it for 76 years.
Recently I learned about generational trauma. This was in response to the slave trade that Black people suffered. And, it got me thinking, how much generational trauma would Palestinians be suffering? Even those who are in the diaspora and have been since 1948.
Anyway, back to the protest… Yesterday the energy was very different. There was a black lady who sang chants… And she got us all involved! I didn’t get a chance to speak to her or get pictures with her, but her voice was amazing and she was high energy and we loved it. There were also lots of musical instruments, a white male had a keyboard, another male had drums, someone had a tambourine and there was even a cute guy with a cowbell.
The amazing thing was, we were early and stood around for a while before the march started but because of the music it didn’t feel like ages.
While we marched, and no they’re not ‘Hate Marches’ we made lots of new friends. We shared Palestine tattoos with them, and Coco, one of my best friends, even helped with applying them. But, it’s not just tattoos that brought us together. It’s the cause.
Even before the protest began, we made a new friend. We got separated towards the end of the march but the sweet thing was, he actually messaged to make sure we were all ok and to thank us for letting him join us.

Along the protest route, we came across some pro Izzy supporters. I mean there weren’t many, a few flags 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 flew BUT the police kept them apart from the Palestinians and we managed to shame the Zionist government and stay safe.

These protests are pure magic as are the protesters. I wasn’t feeling very well, so left my friends to go find a seat away from the protesters whilst the speeches were going on. A lovely Muslim gentleman offered me half his sandwich, as I think he could see I wasn’t very well. I declined as I was saving my appetite for food at Shakeshuka and told him this. He then offered me a bit of fruit, he had slices of apple in a container and I gratefully took one. I think it actually helped me as I did start to feel much better. So special shout out to that gentleman and his wife.

SubhanAllah Palestinian Liberation seems closer than ever. Even if the colonising governments refuse to stop colonisation.

We also went to an amazing Palestinian restaurant, at the end of the protest. We went there the last time too. It’s called Shakeshuka and the food is delicious. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have known about the restaurant but Zionists kept calling the restaurant and giving it death threats. As a result I read about it and dragged my friends there last time we went to the protest and they loved the food. The food is delicious. I had a mixed grill and we got some Batata Harra and it was absolutely delicious. The owner was really lovely and took pictures of us at the beginning whilst we waited for our table to be ready. The zionists helped the business which is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣, if you’re in London, definitely visit Shakeshuka, there’s a tube station less than 2 minutes away. It’s beautifully authentic Palestinian food. Oh and the rice that has lentils in it is beautiful too.
Palestine WILL be FREE!

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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