Bassem Youssef – The Middle Beast Tour

So I went to see Bassem Youssef on 1 May 2024 and I’m very glad I did. He was hilarious. I have never seen so many brown people in one venue laughing together.
It was very hot yesterday so at times, I thought I might actually pass out and I’m not sure if that was because I was unwell or it was too hot.

It was amazing to see so many of the crowd wearing Kuffiyahs. Or Palestine scarves. Honestly, everyone laughed loads.

Prior to Bassem, his warm up act was Tez Ilyas who is also hilarious. I’ve seen Tez before for a charity show. I also didn’t know that he was the warm up act so it was a nice surprise.

Bassam made a few jokes about Izzy 🇮🇱 and I’m pretty sure that the audience agreed that Izzy is 💩 and genocidal maniacs. What was hilarious about Bassem was he would talk about something and then mention Izzy and it was hilarious when he said ‘he wasn’t talking about it’.

Tez was hilarious. He made some jokes about racism and his wife. You can tell he really loves her. I was left wondering if she was backstage or in the audience. But I hope he is allowed to fart in bed in the future. Yes their were fart jokes.

The only annoying part of the process was the fact that I had to check my backpack for £15… Because apparently £15 is cheap… Apparently if your back pack is bigger than A4 size you have to check it in. An Arab lady also checked her bag in with mine as she didn’t want to pay, she did ask me. And I was fine because honestly £15 is stupid, which I don’t blame her to be honest but she could have offered to pay half? Lol. But no worries, I had to pay regardless.

Anyway, over all the Middle Beast tour was worth it. I was only a little disappointed that Bassem didn’t end with Dammi Falestini or the Dabka although he did do a dance.

Me and Coco also ate at Qavali prior to the show and we had the tasting menu. The service was really good. I think the waiter was called Rajesh.

The standout for me were the prawns. I haven’t eaten prawns for a couple of years as I was really put off for some reason but these were lovely. My main course was lamb and it was amazing. Me and Coco were surprised as I think we were given one tasting menu for free… Yay. Overall it was worth the cost and I can say I tried a tasting menu.

It’s Coco’s birthday this month! So happy birthday in advance Coco. I love you loads and I’m so grateful you are a part of my life… Even if you tried to swap your dry chicken with my lamb!
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