The Kids REALLY showed up!

Yesterday I went to the national protest for Palestine in London. Now, I love going to the protests in London because they are so much more diverse than other protests.
London, has a huge array of people. White, Black, Brown. French, Middle Eastern, East Asian, you get the drift. However, this time was something very special as children really got involved and honestly, their chanting was so much better than ours! All I wanted to do was give these little kids a hug because they were so passionate. And, if they weren’t chanting on the megaphones/mics, they had amazing posters that they made. Honestly, it gives me hope for the future. Plus the future of Palestine. When we reached the end of the protest, we had many speakers come up. But, one of the most important ones, had to be the priest from Bethlehem. I think his name is Munther Ishaq, he’s a Lutheran Pastor and he spoke beautifully.

At the protest, I felt like a bit of a celebrity, which is weird as I’m not yet famous. I will be one day In Sha’Allah. But so many people asked me if they could take my picture. I better feature in the history books one day as the face of resistance! My friend told me ‘I looked like a watermelon in the best way’. I mean… Ok?
I was very focused on making sure I finished the day at a Palestinian Restaurant. We had to travel a little for it, but we made it to Shakeshuka in Marylebone.
As we were hungry but not starving, we decided to share 2 mixed grills and 2 fries. My friends moaned they had to go so far as we were understandably exhausted but they were so grateful afterwards as the food was delicious and so was the juice! The restaurant is also Palestinian owned and everyone was lovely. Honestly, I would definitely go back. Overall it was a great day with a massive turnout. I’m just exhausted. And as always FREE PALESTINE until it’s Backwards.

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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