Birmingham for Palestine

Yesterday, I attended my first ever protest. Which at my old age is pretty shameful. But, this was a protest for Palestine.

Over the last few years, I’m very affected by the genocide in Palestine. It baffles me HOW people are able to stand with the settler colony of Israel which is illegally occupying Palestine.

The turn out was great! I met a Jewish guy who had an amazing chanting voice. He was really nice and definitely wanted a free Palestine.

I also came across White Privilege. The street was full of protesters. The road was full. Some foolish white guy, tried to drive through the protesters to get somewhere. Apparently he didn’t know about the protest. A lovely white lady told him ‘Palestine didn’t know about the bombs either’. Eventually, he left his car and walked away.

The chanting from random people on the protest was amazing. There were children, women, men. Young and old. It was beautiful seeing people come together for Palestine. The police were there to keep an eye on the situation but even they were lovely.

Some protesters got up on the Odeon roof to fly large Palestine 🇵🇸 flags. That was impressive, until security asked them to leave.

Shout out to Greggs because their staff served protesters very quickly and they did not run out of hot food.

Overall I’d say this was a successful protest.

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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