Happiness Shrouded in Tragedy

‘Mr Sampson, I just need your credit card to validate payment for the room. Just to confirm, you have the Oceanview Penthouse Suite for one night – Breakfast is included and will be brought up to your room, unless you prefer to dine in the restaurant? Also the Butler Service is available 24/7, and we have a variety of entertainment in this resort including a Cinema and Golf Course. Since your last stay with us, we have also added a concierge service, and a helicopter pad should you wish to get an Uber Coptor instead of taking a car ride back to the airport .’ She gave me the prettiest smile, her teeth were perfect and her pink lips were full bodied, plus she had fiery red hair and a few freckles that dotted her face.

I handed her my black American Express and whilst I did, I brushed her hand with my index finger, accidentally-on-purpose and her face flushed slightly. I could tell she felt electricity in that touch. I couldn’t help myself. Even though I’d come here with one sole purpose, I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t break out of my patterns and this is EXACTLY what cost me everything. My whole life, my whole world. She nervously handed me the room key and confirmed I was all checked in. She called over the bell boy but I waved him away and said I knew my way.

I walked into the room and it was exactly as I remembered . In fact, it was the exact same room that the now departed Mrs Sampson had booked for us when we got married as a honeymoon treat, and it was the exact same room that we had made love in all night when I bought her here for our 3 year anniversary after I proposed on the white sand beach. This room was happiness shrouded in tragedy.

Sienna was out for her morning run, I mean, we were on holiday celebrating our one year anniversary and the woman had to get in her workout, she also said she was going horse riding and would let me do some golfing until she came back for lunch. The amazing thing about Sienna was that she knew I liked and needed my own space. She learned that early on and she persevered with me even through my days of no contact and when I was sleep deprived. She left me to my own devices and this was exactly how I was able to be so successful. Some might think she was a fool, because although she was always a one man kind of woman, it was obvious that I had a roving eye and not only that, I acted on it too.

People, men and women were always throwing themselves at me and because I am a greedy man I’ve usually succumbed to them. It’s how my little black book has more numbers than the telephone book!

For the most part, I stayed faithful to Sienna but on the morning after our one year anniversary, I ordered an in room massage and that’s where things got messy. Firstly the masseuse was a spitting image of Jennifer Lopez, who had been my crush since she first burst on to the scene with ‘If you had my love’ … but it was more than that, she wasn’t just massaging me, she was caressing me, slowly, intimately and when I asked for more pressure, I swear she pressed her huge breasts against me and they definitely had some jewellery in them because something poked me.

I’m not sure who made the first move but before long we were both naked and sweaty, moaning and groaning until there was a crash and I saw Sienna frozen, tearful and with her shopping all over the floor. I got the silent treatment and the J.Lo lookalike got fired.

We got through it but I guess the part of her who was deeply in love with me had now died. Still we muddled through and we had been ‘trying’ to have a baby. She didn’t realise I wasn’t ready to have a baby yet. Plus the love had changed. We weren’t crazy in love anymore, any child wouldn’t be conceived out of love, but duty. So I had a secret vasectomy 6 weeks ago . And then 2 days ago, she tells me we’re having a baby?! I’m bloody infertile! Who’s the baby daddy?!

The next day, she was going shopping so prior to her leaving I installed a tracker on her phone. I began following her a mere 5 minutes after she left, so she wouldn’t know what I was up to.

They embraced like lovers and my heart broke completely. I sent her a message that I was running a bath for her and to get home straight away. I made it before her, ran the tub, let it overflow slightly and then stopped running the water. I added some rose petals for effect, to set the ambience.

When she came home, she must have undressed on the way to the bathroom because she was stark naked when she walked through the door. Apart from her Louboutins. She asked me to join her. I declined and began to walk away, but, she grabbed my arm to stop me leaving. I shrugged her off and she slipped on the water that was on the floor. She ended up banging her head on the side of the tub and I believe she died instantly. I didn’t check. I packed a bag and ended up here. In this hotel, happiness shrouded in tragedy.

I went over to the wardrobe; it was made of solid oak with a sturdy clothing rack. I removed all the cabinets from the wardrobe, they were those pull-out ones, it’s almost like they stuck a chest of drawers into the wardrobe. I removed a smooth washing line from my luggage and turned it into a noose over the railing. I used a slipknot style to secure it. I used to be in the boy scouts. I wrapped it a few times to make sure it would work. I stuck my arm through to test and it tightened. Perfect.

I got into the wardrobe and I put my head through the noose. I sat on my knees and positioned the noose around my carotid artery, and I pushed my head downwards. It should only take a few minutes at most. I feel myself losing consciousness. Forgive me Lord!


I am in a hospital bed. I can’t move or speak but I can hear.

‘We’re lucky the Butler came in when he did. It was lucky he didn’t place the Do-Not-Disturb over the door and even luckier that the teenager who placed the food order provided an incorrect room number’.

So a stupid teenager saved me? Well not the teenager, the Butler but as a result of the teenager’s actions. All actions have a consequence don’t they?

‘We’re not sure what prompted him to do this. We think he believed that Sienna cheated on him. She’s pregnant.’

Sienna is pregnant? She’s dead isn’t she?

‘And he thought she was dead. Probably a tragic accident. She’s in the Intensive Care Unit but luckily the baby is fine. We found his diary and apparently he had a vasectomy two months ago which is probably where he got the silly idea about her cheating.’

No… I saw you with her you fucking prick.

‘He has done some damage to his brain stem and the lower brain. He was unconscious for a short length of time but the damage has taken over. If you look carefully you can see his eyes are moving. He knows we are here and can hear what we say but he cannot respond to us. He has only just been diagnosed but we believe he has ‘locked-in-syndrome’. So while his conscious is still there, it is unlikely he will ever regain his normal function.’

‘So… He’s basically a vegetable?’

‘That is not the term I would use, especially since he can hear everything we are saying. But it will take time and patience. I’ve not yet come across anyone who has recovered completely from this, but, miracles do happen and with all of the technological advances we’re making every day, anything is possible.’

‘What Myles needs is time and patience and hopefully you will get your brother back. If you can’t cope with helping your brother or you are too busy for him, we do have other options available to him. Especially considering his amassed wealth, we also have the option of a long term care facility. You don’t have to decide anything yet. Take your time with all of this. Maybe wait until his wife is out of the Intensive Care Unit? After all, she is technically his next of kin, even if she can’t currently make the decision for him. You must think of the child that is about to arrive. He or She should get to meet their father after all don’t you think?’

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