Graduation Ceremony

Tomorrow, is my graduation ceremony for my Masters in Professional Creative Writing from Coventry University. I discovered that I also won the Course Tutors Prize For Excellence And Endeavour.
At my last graduation, I strolled right past the president without shaking his hand. I was the only idiot who did that. No, I wasn’t making a statement. I was so focused on not falling in my heels that I forgot. My family keep telling me to shake the presidents hand this time. It’s just making me more nervous lol 😂 Wish me luck 🤞🏽 I included a pic from last year for you!

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

Sumera believed she was born to be a journalist however she has since discovered she was born to write. Whether that was articles, poetry or creative writing. She graduated from the Open University with an Open Degree with English Modules. It was during her final year that her passion for writing was reignited and now she is Born to Write

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Sumera is currently studying for a MA in Professional Creative Writing. Her life motto is ‘You don’t truly fail until you stop trying.’

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