So a couple of years ago… I had a sudden scare where I believed I had bowel cancer. I wasn’t a hypochondriac. There were actual symptoms. I was on the toilet 🚽 an awful lot. Food was going right through me. Initially I believed I’d eaten something funny that had given me a dodgy stomach. It wasn’t getting any better though. Days turned into weeks, and a week turned into months. The symptoms got worse. There was blood in my stool πŸ’© and for some reason… the doctor thought laxatives were the right thing to prescribe. Nothing changed. If anything, it got worse. I was away from my work so often that work actually told me to take sick leave. Which i did gratefully. They also reminded me I had private health insurance with Bupa through them! I needed this reminder as it meant I could avoid my doctor and go to a specialist. Thankfully I was seen for an initial consultation within around 2 weeks. Now, I probably could have seen someone else quicker but I picked this doctor myself… after checking his credentials and I would rather wait and get the right diagnosis than be dismissed or incorrectly medicated πŸ’Š.
Upon my initial consultation. The doctor was great. He found I had some pain in my abdomen, and so I was scheduled for both a scan and a colonoscopyπŸ₯ . Thankfully it wasn’t a difficult procedure and they figured out what was wrong. Apparently I had ibs. So everything was messing with me!
I did one of those intolerance tests after my diagnosis and found out I’m basically intolerant to everything. Chicken πŸ” πŸ₯, Lamb πŸ‘ and surprisingly pork πŸ–… Beef πŸ– I’m actually good with. I’m also lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant and surprisingly salt intolerant. Funny thing is I can’t switch to stuff like almond, hazelnut or even oat milk πŸ₯› as it all fucks with me 🀣… The only things I’m actually ok with, are spices… 🌢
Damn I’ve told you about my ibs journey but the point of this post was to say I tried gluten free bread yesterday, it’s expensive, tastes rubbish BUT I woke up with the flattest stomach I’ve had in years! Like what?! Then I ruined it by eating regular bread today… and now I’m basically looking like a woman who is about to pop out a baby 🀰. I think I actually need to switch to gluten free bread. And bread 🍞 is my favourite food. If I had to eat one food forever, I would pick bread 🍞 for its versatility. Gluten free bread 🍞 will change my favourite food though 😭. I’ve got a big decision to make. Look preggers when I’m not… or eat horrible bread?

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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