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My current university module is about writing for screen. So essentially I’m having to write a 30 minute script which is approximately around 30 pages.
The problem is I’m not enjoying it much. I love writing and I really thought I’d love this module but for some reason I can’t gel with it.
When I initially began writing ✍️ my script… I was including a lot of directorial stuff that really wasn’t required. In the end, I had to get rid of it.
I’m basing my script on the Crime Novel I’m writing but even that isn’t exciting me much.
I’ve been working on the script for a few weeks but sporadically and I’m around a third of the way through it.
I don’t have an issue with writing dialogue. I’m using a fair amount in my books. In fact… because my crime novel is told in a variety of voices… A friend and former colleague of mine was actually really impressed because I managed to change the tone of voice with each chapter she read. She was all ‘I don’t know how she’s done it… but it’s amazing’. One of my tutors also really liked my antagonists voice πŸ˜† Honestly I need to get my books written as soon as possible. My children’s books are almost completely written but I cannot draw well at all. Either traditionally using a pen and paper or using procreate. I’m much better with vegetables than I am with animals… Honestly they’re so complex but I draw a pretty cool chillie pepper 🌢
Give me an animal though and I’m a mess.
Initially I was going to do a completely different storyline but I’m personally not a huge fan of watching or reading storylines based on addiction. Who knew I even had a story to tell in regards to that? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Maybe I’ll revisit it at a later time but right now I need to finish my two children’s books and my novels.
I’m thinking of releasing my crime novel on Patreon… One chapter at a time. I’m not sure though.
If we had Kindle Vella in the UK I would have already done it this way. I have complete faith that my crime novel will become a best seller and I think it would be a great series… like each chapter could be told from a different point of view. Maybe Netflix will pick it up! That would be the dream!

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

Sumera believed she was born to be a journalist however she has since discovered she was born to write. Whether that was articles, poetry or creative writing. She graduated from the Open University with an Open Degree with English Modules. It was during her final year that her passion for writing was reignited and now she is Born to Write

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