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This semester I’m turning one of my WIPs (Works In Progress) into a script for either TV or Film.
I picked this particular piece as I always hoped it would either be one of those 5 part drama’s that are usually on ITV or because technically it could become a movie… Think Along Came A Spider 🕷 (Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross) by James Patterson.
I’m more inclined to have it be a drama really. I’ve roughly turned my first chapter which wasn’t too long into 3 different scenes. I’m pretty shocked at the pace in which it’s actually developing.
Obviously my piece had some initial conversation between the characters anyway but I’m having to mix it up a little as it reads better one way but sounds better another way 😕
I’m using Final Draft version 12. I was meant to use Final Draft anyway, as the university provides it, but instead I’m using a trial version of it… for now anyway.
I’ve used it twice so far and it’s not too difficult but thankfully my tutor Tom has made notes on what I’ve done so far which means I should be able to improve what I’ve done.
I think I enjoy writing stories more than I enjoy writing scripts. They come to me much more easily. Scripts include a lot of unnecessary description in my opinion.
On the plus side… I have almost finished my story for one of my children’s books. Initially I was going to aim for around 1500 words and I thought that might be too much. My teacher from last year, Allen, told me I should aim for around 2500 to 3000 words. I’m currently at around 1700 words but I’m shocked I have so many. It’s because I have this story in my head and I just let it flow.
I spoke to another illustrator and they’ve offered me a great deal so I’m a bit stuck. I’m also wondering if I want watercolour illustrations.
But I know I aim to get this book out before the end of 2022. So I guess I just have to wait.
I even already have my dedication written out… and it isn’t for Hotstuff 🌶 😆

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