Roe vs Wade

Last week the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade which means states now have the power to make abortion illegal. Now, although this decision doesn’t effect those in the UK… yet…it’s a dangerous precedent to set for a number of reasons.
For one, this effectively means women in the USA don’t have autonomy over their own bodies.
I’m reminded of a time when someone who was supposedly in love with me… threatened to get me pregnant as they knew I didn’t personally agree with abortion.
Now me not agreeing is a personal decision for myself… but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand people’s reasons for getting them.
The problem with Roe vs Wade being overturned is the fact people will now go to unlicensed doctors or attempt unsafe abortions at home.
This isn’t a pro life issue although that’s exactly what’s being peddled. This is to effectively reduce women down to second class citizens. The problem is where the USA sets a precedent the rest of the world tends to follow.
I stand with the women who will be refused autonomy over their own bodies. Just because abortion isn’t for me doesn’t mean I can’t understand the reasons other people have them

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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