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Personal Story Time! I wasn’t planning on sharing this but I figure I have nothing to lose. About a year ago, maybe just under a year ago… I had a fair amount of pain under my armpit. Nothing had injured me. No knat or mosquito bites ect. But the pain was evident, especially because at the time… I was on painkillers regarding the surgery I had in June.
Anyway… I spoke to my doctor who told me to book a visit with a female doctor. I had to wait a week for this. When I saw the doctor… she almost immediately cited potential bra issues… For one… my bra’s fit and two… since covid and remote working… who even wears a bra? I mean I wear a sports bra but only cause I want some support!
Anyway I told the doctor this so she did a breast exam… and informed me I was ‘Lumpy’ so she referred me to the breast clinic. Obviously I was terrified 😨 although there’s no evidence of breast cancer in my immediate family.
The two weeks it took for the clinic to see me was agonising but the wait of two weeks was actually pretty amazing due to how quick I was seen.
I had a breast exam and I think they x-ray’d my breast but it’s been so long that I’m not 100% sure because I just don’t remember.
Thankfully they advised it was swollen lymph nodes but it was such a scary concept and I’d rather panic and get checked out to find I’m okay than not get checked and then discover cancer is killing me.
If you find a lump… or have pain… please get yourself checked out.

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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