Uni Has Started… But I’m Not Able To Attend

Covid is a bitch. It seems like there’s a new varient every few weeks. My second year of University has also just started. Well, it actually started last week but while through a huge struggle I managed one class… barely… I couldn’t attend (over zoom) the next day because I was so unwell. This year, well at least this semester, everything is online.
My symptoms started on the 16th January and I thought I just had a bad cold. I’ve got a rubbish immune system in general but when 3 people including my tutor suggested I test myself… I thought I should.
I tested myself the same night and immediately isolated in my bedroom. I live with my mom and my brother. They both tested negative so I was stuck in my room for days with no face to face interaction.
My symptoms were relatively mild. I went from a blocked to runny nose and vice versa. The worst thing was how fatigued I was. I slept for four days. Pretty much all day. My head was heavy but not really a headache. It was hard.
But I’m missing uni as a result. This year was always going to be a difficult year as we’re in our final year and there’s only two students. The other students actually finished at the end of last year because they were on a full-time course but mine is part time.
I hope this year covid disappears but I think we’re stuck with it forever unfortunately.
It has taught me a lesson though. I’m double vaccinated because of my asthma. I’ve also had a booster. But, as I’m technically exempt from wearing a mask… I wasn’t wearing one. I rarely go out with friends. The last time was December 2021 to watch Spiderman No Way Home… and that was just with one friend… (She’s the best. Will not talk through a movie but if she’s tired… She will fall asleep multiple times 🤣). Back to the lesson… Wear a damn mask… I definitely will from now on.

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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