My favourite time of year!

For most people, their favourite time of year is one where they get presents. Usually their birthday or Christmas, anniversaries ect. For me, for as long as I can remember, my favourite time of year is Ramadan. Not only because we get to eat delicious foods but because the Muslim community is especially lovely at this time of year. I know that we get a lot of bad rap as Muslims due to the few who do commit atrocious acts but in general Muslims are meant to be peaceful. Religion is more important to me as an adult than it was as a young person.

I’m not a perfect Muslim. In fact I was terrible for a while. I still make mistakes but I’m trying to make them much less now.

I have great friends from other religions and also friends who have no religion. I don’t discriminate on religion. Actually, I don’t think I discriminate at all. We all have a past and it’s up to us to make a good future for ourselves. That’s whether you believe in God or not.

But yes Ramadan is my favourite for so many reasons. Great food – check ✔ The Spirit of Ramadan is high in the Muslim community – check ✔ There’s a lot more we can be involved in for charity. For example, I volunteered with The Date Project. They sell dates before and during Ramadan and each tin purchased benefits a different charitable cause. It’s pretty amazing and so great for those who do need the charity. Also we have Bake4Syria which is another charity where people bid on food and the proceeds go to help those in Syria. There’s a lot out there. Charitable causes are a massive part of Ramadan – check✔. A big one that I’ve only really experienced since Covid… to me covid was a blessing. Because it bought me closer to my creator. I’m a better Muslim because of it. Because I make time to pray. I don’t necessarily mean the 5 daily ones. Although I do try. I mean picking up the Quran and actually reading it. I’d always been able to read it in Arabic which is amazing but also I couldn’t understand it. However a very good friend gifted me with The Majestic Quran which has a plain English translation. I’m learning loads as a result.

But these are the reasons why I love Ramadan so much. Its not always about the gifts you receive. Sometimes it’s about the gifts you can give. I’ve realised that my love language is giving gifts. Whether that’s food or something else. You should cherish the gifts you receive because you don’t know what it took for that person to give you that thing.

On that note, Ramadan Kareem to any of my Muslim readers. For any non Muslims… it’s basically our version of Merry Christmas 🎅🎄☺

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Sumera Farman

Sumera Farman

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